Sites, Services, and Subscriptions I Want To Try In 2021 – Part 1

I’ve really been enjoying reviewing things that have made stay at home dad life, and just our family life in general easier. As I’ve been planning out blog content with my wife, these are the things I’m most interested in trying… but I’d love feedback and ideas from anyone reading this, too! Thrive Market Right […]

Trying Public Goods Products — And Why I Suddenly Care About Cleaning Product Ingredients

Things I never thought of before becoming a dad: what type of cleaning products we use and why. The boring side of stay at home dad life includes a lot of cleaning, and at Flynn’s age he always wants to be in my arms or at least in arm’s reach. When I’m lucky, he self-entertains […]

Best Things from the Upcoming Levi’s x Target Launch

Levi’s has always made some of my favorite jeans (followed by Old Navy… so I definitely don’t have premium taste lol). I was a little surprised when we first saw the Levi’s launch at Target because there are so many home items, whereas I expected more… well… jeans. That being said, I’m sure some of […]

Why We Use vs. Other Places For Dog Food

Is this kind of a boring post? Maybe. But it’s so practical for us I just wanted to share our experience! (Side note: so thankful for waterproof flooring with three dogs. Look at those paw prints from a wet day!) I’m a genuine fan of In 2019 my mind would have been blown by […]

What To Expect Bringing Home Your NICU Baby – From A Preemie Dad’s Perspective

This is a heavier post. When my wife and I started talking about this blog launching, I knew I wanted to include information on being a parent to a preemie, and on our NICU experience, just in case someone happened upon it and it would be helpful for them. It can be hard to sort […]

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for A New Mom

A little late to posting this, but as I was thinking up gifts (and asking my wife for her thoughts on what she’d like) I thought it would be helpful for other partners who are celebrating their first baby-having Valentine’s Day! Hopefully this new dad/husband perspective will give you a winning gift idea. Here are […]

Simple DIY Pantry Project and Favorite Items

This was the first “big” upgrade project in our new home and… it wasn’t even that big! Seriously, anyone can install this pantry and it only requires FIVE things for the whole project: wood boards, shelf brackets, black screws, measuring tape and a drill. Here are the steps: Measure out the wall you want to […]

Freshly Review – From A Busy Dad’s Perspective

About a month ago we realized our dinner plans were just not working. With my wife working until around 7PM, and me on Flynn duty, we were hangry by dinner, and Flynn was getting ready to go into the last phase of eating-playing-reading before bedtime… So we’d order takeout. In December we Door Dashed dinner […]

Off The Muck – Local Produce Delivery Review

This week I decided we should try to eat more veggies… and a compelling ad for a $5 starter box to Off The Muck came up on my Facebook feed just in time. On Tuesday, I picked out what would go in our box. I chose the Essential All Veggie Box which comes with 12 […]

Meet Scott

Who is the dad behind Scott At Home Dad? Scott, of course! I’m Scott. My wife and I were expecting a baby in September of 2020… and instead he came in mid-June! I decided to dedicate my time to raising him, focusing on his development closely while navigating a new life for our family. Why […]

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