Trying Public Goods Products — And Why I Suddenly Care About Cleaning Product Ingredients

Things I never thought of before becoming a dad: what type of cleaning products we use and why. The boring side of stay at home dad life includes a lot of cleaning, and at Flynn’s age he always wants to be in my arms or at least in arm’s reach. When I’m lucky, he self-entertains in his high chair or another safe spot while I get things done. 

B.F. (Before Flynn) I always used Clorox all over the kitchen because it felt extra clean. I realized I can’t just spray Clorox all the time when Flynn is around, so we’ve been searching for different nontoxic, low fume cleaning solutions. I was excited to try Public Goods because they focus on clean ingredients and clearly label everything on each product page — and the prices are really good in my opinion. So far we love the multi-surface cleaner in particular, which has a mild scent that doesn’t irritate any of us and leaves things really clean from our counters to our windows. I’m also enjoying the dish soap and walnut sponges (does anyone else love a good new sponge?) and the wet wipes which are listed as baby safe.

Transparency in ingredients really stands out to me on their site, and I wish more websites would do that. So much easier than reading every single label in a story.

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Other products that we use all the time that are baby safe include:

What other products should I try that are safe to use around or on Flynn? Let me know!

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