Sites, Services, and Subscriptions I Want To Try In 2021 – Part 1

I’ve really been enjoying reviewing things that have made stay at home dad life, and just our family life in general easier. As I’ve been planning out blog content with my wife, these are the things I’m most interested in trying… but I’d love feedback and ideas from anyone reading this, too!

Thrive Market

Right now we’re big on shipping everything we can to our house to limit our trips out (though we can’t give up Costco, but can anyone?) 

I actually just signed up for a year membership (it was $5/month pre-billed, but there are 30 days to try risk free). I used this deal: 25% off your first order and a free gift — I chose $31 worth of Kind Bars which is pretty cool. So I think this will be the next thing I review. As I’ve blogged about before, transparency in ingredients is really important to me now (who knew!) with Flynn in the house so I like how clear Thrive seems to be about that.

Dr. Squatch

I was never into Axe or strong smelling products — which is a good thing, since my wife suffers from migraines with scent being one of her triggers. So lately I’ve learned that natural products with naturally derived scents work best. I’m looking at their bundles (3 soaps and a soap shaver for $29 — I don’t really understand what a soap shaver is but now I want one) and love the smells they have. 

What scents should I get? I’m especially interested in “Wood Barrel Bourbon” but any of their scents sound right up my alley.

The Bouqs

Alright, I have a confession. I’m a last minute flower buyer. I want to be better about surprising my wife and maybe other people with flowers, and I know it does always look nice at home when we have something bright and springy inside. I can appreciate that! 

Someone sent us an arrangement from The Bouqs back when Flynn had surgery and they lasted SO long and came packaged so well, I wrote them down in my phone as where to get flowers for Valentines Day! (Then I forgot.)

Anyway, here’s to being more thoughtful — plus they have 20% off for new customers with code newbouq20 on their site!

Blue Apron

We love Freshly for our weeknight meals right now, but part of my 2021 plan is to get way better at cooking and I think meal kits are the way to go at first so I have all the instructions to follow and don’t have to make substitutes in the kitchen. 

Plus, always love a good deal and right now they have $80 off over your first 4 boxes!


I’m a dad now. A pretty grown adult. I recently started buying fancy socks (previously delegated to gifts from relatives) at Target and I want to expand my horizons. Honestly, wearing fun socks makes me happy — and I’m really into Bombas style and claims of comfort.

I also like that every pair purchased donates a pair to someone in need! Plus, you get 20% off your first purchase with this link.

What else should I try in the first half of this year? Let me know by emailing or commenting below!

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