Best Things from the Upcoming Levi’s x Target Launch

Levi’s has always made some of my favorite jeans (followed by Old Navy… so I definitely don’t have premium taste lol). I was a little surprised when we first saw the Levi’s launch at Target because there are so many home items, whereas I expected more… well… jeans.

That being said, I’m sure some of these will sell out almost instantly. If you want to be prepared, bookmark the link and get ready to add to cart on 2/28 at 3AM on the east coast. So — I’ll take my chances with what’s leftover!

I think the best things to come out of this line are the Levi’s x Target pet items honestly so this list is heavy in those.


  1. Denim and Sherpa Pet Leash

With a matching collar!

2.Denim Pet Trucker Jacket

Okay, I don’t love clothes on pets. But this is really unique and classic Levi’s style and I guessss we could put it on our smallest dog, Darcy, and she’d look good.

3. Levi’s x Target Pet Bandanas

There are three choices but these ones are summer staples. I guess it’s just a straight up bandana though, which you could get anywhere — but the $5 price is good! I like the Navy Dot one even more.


  1. Metal and Wood Bar Cart

This cart is really the best piece of this collection. 

2. Sherpa Ottoman

I have a feeling this will be one of the most popular items. We’re thinking about it for the nursery. Sherpa is one of our favorite textures at home and with a Malamute the white hides her fur, lol.

3. Sherpa Butterfly Chair

This is also a cool piece. Everyone had a weird chair like this in the 90s right? This one is more adult, but would still look good in a kids room.


  1. Baby Knit One Piece

We like footless pieces for the day time so Flynn can experience feeling things with his feet. This is basic, but looks really nice and I’m sure will be a quality piece. The price point is great too at only $15.

  1. Women’s and Men’s Denim Trucker Jackets

Okay, these are great. Classic. Except they’re $80, which is only about $10-20 cheaper than Levi’s original jacket prices and the Levi’s site has sales that can put their jackets even lower than $80. The Target line does come in sizes for the whole family, and is 5% off if you use your Target card. But this one is a thinker.

What is your favorite item from the collection? Comment and let me know!

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