Why We Use Chewy.com vs. Other Places For Dog Food

Is this kind of a boring post? Maybe. But it’s so practical for us I just wanted to share our experience! (Side note: so thankful for waterproof flooring with three dogs. Look at those paw prints from a wet day!)

I’m a genuine fan of Chewy.com. In 2019 my mind would have been blown by that statement. When I briefly worked in a FedEx warehouse… I loathed them. So many people bought from Chewy that we just had whole truck full deliveries of their boxes and we all hated the Chewy truck. (My biceps really owed their definition in those days to Chewy and Hello Fresh, I think.)

I almost refused to buy our dog food there because of that.

But… then we had a premature baby in the middle of a pandemic and bought a new house with 14 steps up the front walk and now I am so thankful for Chewy.

Every month we get:

  • 30lbs of Blue Buffalo Adult
  • 30lbs of Blue Buffalo Puppy
  • 5 boxes of Pedigree wet food*

*Darcy lost over 20 teeth last year and now eats (and loves!) wet food. But we’d love to explore some other cost effective, healthy options if anyone has any recommendations!


  • It comes to our door without us having to think about it
  • We get 5% off every shipment and free shipping – equal to what we would spend at Target with our 5% off or eventually earn back in rewards at Petco
  • We don’t have to go to the store and haul everything back
  • We can take advantage of additional sales and add on products as needed
  • The first autoship order was 30% off which was a great deal


  • Sometimes we’re right up against running out of food OR we have excess food. We haven’t found the sweet spot yet especially with a growing puppy. But we’d rather have extra food (stored in tightly locking containers!) than run out of food, so we lean that way with how much we order.
  • The boxes are heavy and occasionally damaged during transit, but we’ve personally never had food arrived damaged or open so far.
  • Not everything ships in one box, and sometimes there is a 1-3 day delay between arrival.

My Recommendation:

  • Honestly the 30% off for your first month is just worth trying. You can cancel easily if it isn’t for you and you saved way more than you would at a big box store for at least one month. And if you have dogs with fancy taste, you could be saving a lot!

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