Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for A New Mom

A little late to posting this, but as I was thinking up gifts (and asking my wife for her thoughts on what she’d like) I thought it would be helpful for other partners who are celebrating their first baby-having Valentine’s Day! Hopefully this new dad/husband perspective will give you a winning gift idea.

Here are my ideas. Some may not ship in time… but that’s where you print out a picture and slap it in a card, right? Alternatively, some of these you could order for pickup from Target same day, so if you’re reading this the morning of the 14th with no clue… I gotchu.

  1. Personalized Dainty Name Ring

Personalize this with your son or daughter’s name! These are so small you can get multiple if you have multiple kids with their names or even their birthdates. 

2. “Mama” Ring from Kris Nations

This was a hit with my wife for Christmas from my parents! A small and sweet reminder for everyday. 

3. “Mama” Necklace from Amarilo

Also a HUGE hit with my wife, this super dainty gold necklace is so lightweight she said she barely feels it on and the quality is really nice for the price. 

4. A Cozy Throw Blanket

Lots of good picks from Target or Marshalls or really anywhere! Trust me, she wants to be cozy. Something like the one linked above OR this one.

5. Gallery Wall Frames

This is a project my wife has really been wanting to do in the house. The frames are the biggest investment, but it would be so thoughtful to buy them, print the photos — seriously, guys, print the photos for them too! — and hang them as a surprise. Stick a bow on the middle frame, or (I just thought of this, feel free to steal) cut post-it notes into hearts and stick them on the center of each photo and have her lift to reveal. We use the Walgreens app to print within 2 hours which is handy.

6. Fancy Coffee Maker

Like this Nespresso, something that makes her feel like she’s having Starbucks at home. It’s harder to do a safe coffee run these days and not to mention adds up. This looks good and feels luxe, and you can bring her fancy coffee with little effort!

7. Our Place Always Pan

We’re just a fan of the Always Pan in general. I love to cook with it and it makes the easiest eggs ever, so have her open this in the morning and then offer to make eggs and clean up after. (Because the clean up is super easy.) 

8. UGG Boots

Are these coming back? They must be, because after years of adamantly not wanting any (trauma from everyone having them in high school?) my wife suddenly is showing an interest. And she deserves to have comfy feet because carrying a child and giving birth is no small feat. Get it?

9. The Birth Poster

This is one of our favorite pieces related to Flynn. We have it hanging in our living room. But if you don’t want the gift to be directly baby related I also just ordered one of the star posters set to the date and location of our wedding day. I think that’ll be a hit. You can use the code scottathomedad10 for 10% off your order, too! 😉

Photos mostly courtesy of my wife of the things on this list she already has! Disclaimer: some but not all links may be affiliate links, which means the blog might make a small percentage off your purchase.

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