Simple DIY Pantry Project and Favorite Items

This was the first “big” upgrade project in our new home and… it wasn’t even that big! Seriously, anyone can install this pantry and it only requires FIVE things for the whole project: wood boards, shelf brackets, black screws, measuring tape and a drill.

Here are the steps:

  1. Measure out the wall you want to put the shelves on. For us, we wanted two shelves spanning the entire length of the wall, and three that were shorter as we have a plan for the laundry half of the room later.
  2. Go to Lowes (or your hardware store of choice) and buy only 3-4 things:
    1. 1″x12″x8ft boards,
    2. black shelf brackets (linked below)
    3. black 3/4″ screws
    4. optional: wall mounting screws with anchors if they don’t come with your brackets.
  3. Have them cut the boards to length right at the store in the back! (We needed length and width, as the 12″ brackets we got were more like 11.5″ — you can check right in store.)
  4. Find your studs if possible, and screw the brackets in 1.5-2ft apart, then screw the boards into the brackets from the bottom using the black screws

Optionally, you can sand & stain or sand & paint the boards, but we wanted the natural pine board in contrast with the brackets. Plus it saved SO much time to not stain.

Such a quick and simple DIY project that really transformed the pantry/laundry space off our kitchen to be both functional and decorative. With my wife’s help we organized some of our most used and nice looking items. I’d recommend ANYTHING you see on this shelf as we’re really all about functional products over clutter now that we own a home. I’m listing some of our favorites below, but if you have a question about anything else please drop a line!



What is a must have in your pantry? We’ve started keeping our oils there too instead of on the stove to preserve them from heat.

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