Freshly Review – From A Busy Dad’s Perspective

About a month ago we realized our dinner plans were just not working. With my wife working until around 7PM, and me on Flynn duty, we were hangry by dinner, and Flynn was getting ready to go into the last phase of eating-playing-reading before bedtime…

So we’d order takeout. In December we Door Dashed dinner (and sometimes lunch) 4+ times a week!

When we reviewed our spending, something had to change. We weren’t suddenly going to get more time to cook every weeknight, and we weren’t suddenly going to be able to afford takeout every night so we looked for prepared dinner options.

I found Freshly on that hunt.

Freshly has a lot of different plan options be we opted for 5 meals each per week, for a total of 10 meals per week. For us, this costs $99/week ($90 + $9.99 shipping).

That seems a little pricy until we broke it down – $9.99 per meal for each of us for healthy, easy 3 minute meals. Takeout was on average about $40 per delivery for us which was a minimum of $160/week. So we’re really saving and it works for us — especially until our routine is a bit calmer and we can maybe take more time to cook when Flynn is a bit more independent.

Pros: great variety of meals, pretty good macros and really easy to look at the ingredients and macros before picking something. They come fresh, not frozen, so it cuts down on the sodium compared to frozen meals. The cost is effective for us. The biggest pro? They take about 3 minutes to make. Crying baby, late meetings — nothing can really get in the way of throwing something in the microwave for 3 minutes!

Cons: the price is not sustainable for everyone, netting out around $400/month. But that’s for all of our weeknight meals (or great lunch options if we find time to cook a night or two a week!) and our grocery bill has gone down alongside our takeout bill. We’re also wasting WAY less groceries. The only other con I have is that the portions are sometimes small, especially compared to how we’re used to eating with takeout or big pasta portions!

  • Overall Impression: worth it for parents (especially in the <1 year stage!), or anyone really busy on weeknights or who just doesn’t love cooking
  • Parenting Time Saved: a minimum of 20 minutes per night, and honestly that is one of the biggest pros
  • Where To Buy: subscribe using the link below and get 30% off your first week to try it!

30% Off Your First Week of Freshly

Let me know if you subscribe and how you like it!

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