Meet Scott

Who is the dad behind Scott At Home Dad? Scott, of course!

Scott… at home dadding with Flynn, 6 months actual (3 months adjusted).

I’m Scott. My wife and I were expecting a baby in September of 2020… and instead he came in mid-June! I decided to dedicate my time to raising him, focusing on his development closely while navigating a new life for our family.

Why the blog?

After joining Instagram to chronicle some of my journey learning fatherhood, navigating life with a ELBW (extremely low birth weight) preemie son, and getting used to being a stay at home dad, I realized it would be nice to have a different format to share, too.

On, you’ll find my reviews and recommendations of products I use in my daily life as a parent, cook, keeper of the household, and with our dogs. When I recommend a product, I will always write why it works for us — so you’re not just getting another pointless list!

You’ll also find the occasional write-ups on navigating the NICU, raising a premature (preemie) baby, baby raising in general, and anything else I find I might have a perspective on that could be useful for some other dad or parent out there googling at 3AM.

As I try and expand on cooking and baking, you’ll see some of that, too! Parenting is work that never ends, so finding “shortcuts” without sacrificing time, money, or quality is a big goal of mine that extends to cooking!

Disclosures/Closing Notes:

This blog may contain affiliate links, which Scott At Home Dad makes revenue from. Blog may contain notated guest posts by my wife, Meg At Home Working Mom, who also helps copy edit, shoot content, and navigate SEO like a champ for me.

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